Summary in English

K4 Office Support was founded in 1996 by me, Erica Weeda. Initially, it focused on management support in the broadest sense through secretarial services, recording minutes and translation services. It quickly became clear that the translation services were developing by far the quickest and K4 Office Support now profiles itself as a B2B translation agency.

My background
I studied Scandinavian Languages and Literature (majoring in Norwegian) at the universities of Groningen and Oslo. After completing my studies, in 1985, I worked for more than ten years in international business, where I held various management support and managerial positions, until I decided to found my own company and work full-time as a translator.

My fields of specialty are Medicine & Homoepathy, Finance & Economy, Legal Affairs, IT/Automation, and I am translating from Danish, English, German, Norwegian and Swedish into Dutch.
Furthermore, I am a professional translator of literature and poetry, amongst others of contemporary Scandinavian authors and poets.

Language combinations
K4 Office Support offers translations from the following source languages into Dutch:

  • Danish
  • German
  • English
  • Norwegian (also sworn translations)
  • Swedish

K4 Office Support is specialised in translations regarding:

  • Medicine (also veterinary)
  • Homoeopathy (also veterinary)
  • Automation / IT
  • Finance & Economics
  • Legal Affairs
  • Marketing and PR
  • Literature
  • Poetry

And please feel free to enquire about our other possibilities.

I am working with various CAT tools for translating, including:

  • MemoQ
  • SDL Trados / Trados Studio

Since many factors play a role in translating, it is difficult to give a fixed price indication.
Naturally the size (number of words) of the text is important but the combination of languages, the subject and the difficulty of the text also play a role, as too do the speed at which the text has to be translated and the deadline. Examples of these are fast translations or a text that has to be translated during the weekend. In such cases, the regular rates will be subject to a supplement. The same applies to sworn translations.

The price of a translation is based on the number of words in the target language. In other words, the computer performs a word count after the text has been translated. The number of words counted is then multiplied by the rate per word. This rate differs according to the language combination. At the moment, it varies from approx. € 0.10 to € 0.15 per word, excluding VAT and any supplements. As a rough guide, an A4 page contains 250 to 300 words.

If you would like more information or to request an offer, send us an email. You will receive a reply as quickly as possible.

All translations are governed by the K4 Office Support General Conditions. A copy of the Dutch version is available here:
Algemene Voorwaarden K4 Office Support

 logo_K4_office_supportTo help save our planet, K4 Office Support is solar-powered.